Not Our Summer

Cover Art by Monica Garwood


Five trips, two cousins, one family feud, and a summer that will change their lives forever.

It’s bad enough that estranged cousins Becka and KJ see each other at their grandfather’s funeral, but when he leaves them a bucket list of places to visit together over the summer, so they can earn their inheritance, it seems like things are about to get much worse.

However, with each trip the cousins complete — like riding mules into the Grand Canyon or encountering a bear and a hot tour guide at Yellowstone — they steadily learn about and begin to trust one another. That is until the truth behind Grandpa’s bucket list, and their family feud, is revealed, testing Becka and KJ far beyond their limits.

Will they find a way to accept each other or will their grandpa’s wish to mend his divided family end up buried alongside him inside his grasshopper green casket?


Praise for Not Our Summer

This engaging debut packs authentic dialogue, strong personalities, and fabulous destinations into a heartwarming tale of family drama and personal growth. —School Library Journal

A poignant family drama that realistically explores the growth of a complicated relationship.—Kirkus Reviews

Bazay’s debut is enjoyable realistic fiction, and believable, relatable heroines K.J. and Becka will appeal to anyone with heavy family histories.

Not Our Summer is a heartwarming debut that tackles coming-of-age, family, and navigating through everything that comes with them both with deep insight and plenty of laughs along the way. This thoughtfully-crafted story with its relatable heroines will stick with you long after you finish it.    —Emma Lord, author of Tweet Cute and You Have a Match

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As We Convene: An Anthology of Time & Place

Edited by Lauren Davila

Cover art by Squidblot Arts

The moors of Wuthering Heights. The Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. The Blackwood mansion in We Have Always Lived In The Castle. The planet Uriel in A Wrinkle in Time.   

Many stories that stand the test of time have a central place at the crux of the plot — a main locale. These places are so central, they seem to transfigure themselves into one of the main characters. The locale grows and shifts, becoming the focus, the place in which the plot hinges and the characters thrive. The locale becomes integral to the story, so much so that it is impossible to set the story anywhere else. 

In this anthology, sixteen varied locales have been gathered to visit. From outer space to the Grand Canyon, from Florida swamps to the orange groves of California, the setting of these stories takes center stage. The collected stories here range across genre, from speculative to more contemporary works. Each story will bring you into a world, maybe similar to our own, maybe different. Either way, you’ll feel well-traveled after exploring these beautiful locales.  

My story:

A Dark and Lovely Wood 

Trigger Warnings: mention of suicide, death, and alcoholism

Story Vibe: The Yawning Grave by Lord Huron

About the Story: After losing her older brother and mother, 12 y/o Stella moves to the countryside with her father. There, she develops an affinity for the nearby woods, feeling an almost otherworldly connection to its residents, as well as the trees. As the seasons progress and her father grows more distant, Stella spends more and more time in the woods. Little does she know that the woods have developed an affinity for her as well—so much so, that they may never let her go.

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