Librarians and Teachers–these videos are for you! But of course, anyone with interest is welcome to view and share them. Below you’ll find my collection of videos with Young Adult and Middle Grade authors reading their first chapter. (Thanks for sharing, authors!) My hope is that this will encourage kids to read these books and more. The authors would also greatly appreciate it if you would recommend their book be stocked in your school or public library.


Young Adult Books 

When Oceans Rise by Robin Alvarez

Not Our Summer by Casie Bazay

Someone I Used to Know by Patty Blount

Disconnected by Riley Cross

Junkyard Dogs by Kathryn Higgs-Coulthard

Dangerous Play by Emma Kress

The Claiming by J.A. Nielsen

When You and I Collide by Kate Norris

Lola at Last by JC Peterson

Being Mary Bennett by JC Peterson

A Dragonbird in the Fern by Laura Rueckert

Monstersona by Chloe Spencer

Switchback by Danika Stone


Middle Grade Books

How to be a Goldfish by Jane Baird Warren

Lolo Weaver Swims Upstream by Polly Farquhar

New Girl by Kate McCarroll Moore

Animal Allies: 15 Amazing Women in Wildlife Research by Elizabeth Pagel Hogan

Swallowed by a Secret by Risa Nyman

Swim the Stars by Katie Spina

The Polter-Ghost Problem by Betsy Uhrig



YA and MG authors: are you interested in adding your first chapter video to my collection? If so, contact me!