I’m Going Viral!

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When it comes to Twitter, I usually feel like an awkward teenager just trying to figure out how to fit in and not trip over my shoe laces. I participate in writing prompt games almost daily. I make random comments about writing and occasionally, life. Sometimes, I post silly memes. But mostly, I use Twitter as a way to connect with other writers.

Now I’ll admit, I’ve always been a little awed by those whose tweets go viral. There are even some who seem to experience this phenomenon regularly. I’ve often wondered how the heck they do it. Is there some secret club one must join? (I’m still looking.) Are they just wittier than me? (Most likely.) Do they have thousands of adoring followers? (Perhaps.) Ok, so maybe I’ve even tried to come up with a funny or intelligent tweet, hoping, by some miracle, it might get shared by the masses.

Newsflash: It’s never happened.

But this past Saturday, I posted a picture of the fantabulous quilt my mother-in-law made me for my birthday. I was so, so excited to get this gift, and I just had to share it on every social media outlet I use (which is exactly three).



I knew she was up to something when she asked me for the titles of my four completed books last month, but I had no idea it would be this. She added them to the bookshelf!



It’s amazing, right? But another thing I’ve been amazed by is that at this particular moment in time, my tweet has been favorited 796 times and shared 48 times. And it’s still going. Every few minutes, I get several new notifications. Craziness! I keep updating my mother-in-law on the number of favorites/shares, and she’s amazed, too.

Of course, I can’t take much, if any credit for all of this. It’s her handiwork that people are loving after all. Several writers have asked if she takes orders (the answer is “probably not” at this point in time). She does do a lot of sewing though and is currently making and selling these quilted “Walker Bags” which are made for storing items on the front of a walker. So if you know anyone who could use one, hit me up and I’ll put you in touch with her. 🙂



What I’ve learned from all of this is that 1.) you never know what people will go gaga over on Twitter, but 2.) If it’s a photo of a beautiful bookshelf quilt made from the pure goodness of someone’s heart, your chances of going viral increase exponentially, and 3.) I hope I can produce a few more books which will be worthy of earning a place on this bookshelf. It’s my new goal in life.

If you’re wondering what I plan to do with this quilt, I will not be wrapping myself in it and using it as a cloak as someone suggested on Twitter. 🙂 But I will be hanging it in my office. I happen to be in the middle of re-decorating right now anyway, and I have just the place for it. I’ve found that having inspirational surroundings gives me more inspiration as I write, and I know this quilt will go a long ways in helping with that.

So if you happen to be a quilter or know someone who is, go ahead. Steal this idea. I’d love for all writers to have their very own personal book quilt. And if yours turns out as awesome as mine, I bet there’s a pretty dang good chance you can go viral, too.