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It’s hard to believe this will be my 3rd year to enter Pitchwars. So much has happened since the first time I entered–I’ve completed two more books, I’ve met SO many wonderful writers, and I’ve personally come a long ways as a writer. I’m excited to meet more great people this year, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the third time just might be the charm!
This year, I’ll be entering my contemporary upper MG book, THE EVOLUTION OF EVIE. Here’s the basic pitch:

Just kidding! Change of plans. . .
I recently blogged about writing what scares you, and my third novel, SEEKING SARA STERLING, has been a lesson in this very idea. Coincidentally, I began writing it while waiting on results from #Pitchwars last year. I finished it earlier this summer, and since I recently received agent feedback on my upper MG novel (and have subsequently planned major revisions for it), I’ve decided to give this newest one wings to see if she’s ready to fly. 
Entering #Pitchwars with this manuscript might be even scarier than writing the dang thing. Though my local critique group has been hearing excerpts of SSS for a few months, it’s not been read by anyone, in full. (Just sent out to three beta readers though.) But at this point, I figure I have nothing to lose. I’ll either make it into Pitchwars, or I’ll grow. Either one will be okay (though, I’d REALLY, REALLY love to make it into Pitchwars!)
So with that said, here’s a little about SEEKING SARA STERLING:
Eighteen-year-old Sara Sterling has always sucked at making big decisions, mostly because she’s afraid of the possible consequences. This abruptly changes after her long-time boyfriend dumps her just one week before high school graduation. Angry, and with no clue of who she really is anymore, Sara immediately goes on the rebound and becomes involved with a hot Latino waiter from the restaurant where she works. She finds temporary bliss in Alex’s arms, but realizes she’ll never find herself while clinging to some guy. 
Desperate for a drastic change, Sara does the last thing anyone would expect: moves to Colorado to work at her uncle’s dude ranch for the summer. There, she’ll have to face the animals she’s feared ever since one nearly bit her finger off ten years ago–horses. But Sara figures if she can learn to start facing her fears, she just might find the girl who’s been hiding somewhere beneath her skin…
Just a few reasons why I think this book is awesome:
* Alex (hot Latino guy)
* horses
* stunning Colorado scenery
* it’s about a badass girl who strikes out on her own

And now, a little about moi…
I’m a former middle school science and English teacher, but after the birth of my second child seven years ago, I opted to become a stay-at-home mom. This allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a writer, and now, I work as a freelance writer and blogger, specializing in horse health. I’m also just getting into some freelance editing as well. I regularly write for The Horse and Horse NetworkI’ve also been published in Natural Horse MagazineCountry Extra, and have an upcoming article in TeenEquine.
I have two blogs, but my ‘job’ blog is called The Naturally Healthy Horse. I recently hit a big landmark–reaching 10,000 Facebook fans, which was super exciting!
On a more personal note: I’ve been married to the most energetic man on earth for eighteen years. He works as a full-time firefighter and has his own construction company. We have two beautiful, spunky, creative children. My son is ten, and my daughter, seven. I’m also a mom to many fur and feathered children. We have four horses, two dogs, five cats, and nine chickens! 

                                 (Lee Lee and a few of my chickens)
Aside from writing and horses, here are a few of my favorite things:
* YA books
* the outdoors 
* quotes 
* movies (especially YA books turned into movies)
* Dancing with the Stars
* dancing
* music (I like a wide range including classical, country, and pop)
* cats
* chocolate
* old farm houses and old barns

And I’ll wrap up with 5 random facts about me:
1.) I’m a former barrel racer. (I outgrew my love of competing, but not horses.)
2.) In high school, I was the only student to hold a membership in both FFA (Future Farmers of America) and French Club. What can I say–I like to be well rounded!
3.) My favorite vacation was to the Florida Keys. Key West was the best!
4.)  I’m certified in equine acupressure (which is similar to acupuncture, only without needles).
5.)  I’ve had the same best friend for thirty years. We met in 5th grade and were drawn to one another because we both loved horses. Go figure!

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