The Problem with Someday

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“I’ve always wanted to write a book. Hopefully, I’ll have time someday. . .”

How often have I heard this phrase? You’ve probably heard it, too. All too often, we push the things we really want (or know we need to do) off for someday.

But the problem is, someday never comes for the majority of people. We keep finding excuses, keep waiting until the time is right (the time is never right, by the way). And before we know it, it’s too late. Someday so often becomes never.

If we truly want something, the best time to start is now.

Of course, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when we think of taking on a large task such as writing a book. It sounds like this impossible thing with no foreseeable end. But I’m here to tell you this isn’t true. It’s not impossible and there is an end!

No, novels aren’t written in a day, a week, or even a month (in 99.9% of cases). They take time. And I think that’s one thing that scares away many would-be writers. People often think, I just don’t have time right now.

And yes, I know many people are pressed for time, but don’t let that be your excuse if you really want something. Make the time. Change your priorities if you have to.

You’ve probably heard this Lao Tzu quote:



It’s true. If you can accomplish just a little each day over an extended period of time, you’ll be WAY ahead of the person who never started.

That’s why I’m a fan of making time to write (or whatever it is you’ve set your mind to do) each day. When I barrel raced, I knew I couldn’t just load my horse in the trailer and go to a race, expecting to do well. I trained/ exercised my horses almost daily. Hours of preparation are the key to success–in any endeavor. And so is perseverance. In fact, my gelding, Hershey (my heart horse), wasn’t a strong contender in the arena until we’d been racing for almost four years! I could have given up early on, but I kept at it and we both grew and improved as a team.

We need to realize that someday is merely an excuse we use out of fear (of failure, usually). Unless we’re taking real strides toward achieving our goal, it’s not a word we should use. Yes, Taylor Swift sings “Someday, I’ll be living in a big old city” in her song, “Mean”, but she meant what she said. She was working toward her goal and now lives in New York City.

We have to mean it, too.

So whether you’ve been putting off eating healthier, starting a new hobby or sport, writing a book, or some other task, I challenge you to forget someday and take one small step toward that goal today. Then keep taking small steps every day.

A year from now, you’ll look back and be so glad you did.