Young Adult Contemporary

(completed, currently seeking representation)


Bryan’s girlfriend: that’s been 18-year-old Sara Sterling’s identity for over three years. But now that he’s given her the boot one week shy of graduation, she’s not sure who the hell she is. Unfortunately, jumping into bed with another boy doesn’t appear to be the solution. Desperate for a chance to find herself, Sara does the last thing anyone expects—accepts her Uncle Dean’s invitation to work at his Colorado guest ranch for the summer.

Through endless hours of grooming horses and mucking stalls, Sara finds unexpected solace in the barn. Just as she’s settling in, however, she makes another impulsive decision, bidding on an injured, slaughter-bound horse at a local auction. There’s something familiar in Treble’s depthless brown eyes; he’s as broken as she is. Sara hopes to give him a second chance at the ranch, but to her horror, Dean insists the horse is worthless and vows to sell him at the next monthly auction.

Sara is determined to prove her uncle wrong, but as the auction date draws nearer, Dean refuses to budge. Helpless to save Treble, she intends to leave the ranch as soon as he’s gone. But if Sara has learned anything this summer, it’s that she’s sick of allowing others to make all the decisions for her. She must take the reins of her life and stand up for the horse she’s grown to love. If not, Treble will undoubtedly meet his doom, and she’ll return to Oklahoma the same lost and angry girl she came here to bury.


Young Adult Sci-Fi Romance


Seventeen-year-old Time Traveler, Jaden Roberts, isn’t one to break The Society’s rules. But when her best friend dares her to travel back 300 years, just before the apocalyptic gamma ray burst struck Earth, she goes only in hopes of finding tame horses—she’s long admired their wild counterparts from afar.

In the Oklahoma countryside, Jaden discovers two beautiful, friendly horses, and to her surprise, an even more beautiful Regular boy named Chance. Her one-time visit to the forbidden past turns into many more, and though she tries to fight it, she can’t help but fall for the kind-hearted boy with a tragic past and doomed future.

When The Society catches on to Jaden’s secret travels, she panics and goes back to Chance’s era once again. With the apocalyptic event now only days away, she can’t bear to leave him. What she’s not prepared for, however, is his disappearance just hours before the exploding star is set to strike. Nor does she expect the blinding lights to send her back to the future where The Society promptly strips her of her power to time travel. Now she must accept the consequences of her actions or fight back in order to discover the truth about time travel, the past she was never supposed to visit, and the blue-eyed boy she can’t seem to forget.


Upper Middle Grade Contemporary


Thirteen-year-old Evie Stankard has two goals: win a blue ribbon at the fall horse show and survive eighth grade. For a socially-awkward girl who’s also into 80’s music and science, one promises to be much easier than the other.

When Evie’s dad loses his job, she’s forced to do the unthinkable: lease out her beloved Thoroughbred, Titus, until they can get back on their feet. With nothing left to do but survive now, Evie figures she better attempt to make some friends. Her efforts pay off when she’s accepted into a misfit clique at lunch. And when her lab partner, a cancer survivor named Taylor, warms up to her, Evie thinks her luck is changing.

But having friends brings a new set of problems. After skipping class with her new pals, Evie finds herself both in detention and in trouble at home. Never mind that her crush on Taylor threatens to ruin things between them—especially after she blabs about his fake leg to keep the popular girls at bay. She tries to redeem herself by standing up to a bully who’s picking on another friend, but when this leads to a scuffle, she earns her second ticket to the principal’s office. It now appears family finances won’t be the only thing preventing her from getting Titus back. If Evie can’t convince her parents she’s still the same nice, responsible girl, semi-delinquent friends and all, she may very well have to face the fact that she’ll never see her horse again.