Tips for Getting Started as a Freelance Writer (video)

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Hey ya’ll. I know I mainly talk about fiction writing on here, but I thought I’d blog about a little different writing topic today: freelance writing. Honestly, this is the type of writing I have the most experience with, and since I know others might be interested in trying their hand at it, I thought I’d make a little youtube video to share some tips for getting started.

FYI: Videos aren’t normally my thing (I’m kind of camera shy, really), but since I actually did my hair and put on a little makeup today, I figured I’d give it a shot. I hadn’t been on my youtube account in a while, but I noticed my last video (on equine acupressure) was somewhere around four years ago! Who knows– if people are interested in this kind of thing, maybe I’ll do it a little more often. We’ll see.

But, anyhoo, here it is. Hope you find it helpful.

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